Tennis Team: are you interested in joining our Buckingham Park tennis team? We are hoping to enter a team into the 2024 Brighton & Hove Parks League, Division Four.

The Parks League is a 40-team contest, split into four leagues, involving 11 clubs and 650+ registered players. Each team has eight players: four men and four women, competing in mens doubles, ladies doubles and two mixed doubles. The league runs April-August every summer, and has been running more or less unchanged since 1930.

A team from Buckingham Park would be expected to enter an eight strong team (four men, four ladies) for fixtures every week (Tuesdays at 6pm), from April through to mid-August. Away matches would be at Hove Park, St Ann’s Well Gardens, Saltdean, Queens Park, Dyke Park, King Alfreds (Hove) etc.

Did you know that a team from Buckingham Park (then called ‘De Haura’, after St Mary de Haura church in Shoreham) competed every year in the Parks League in the 60s, 70s and 80s. In fact, De Haura actually won the Division 1 title in 1982. Sadly, the team disbanded some years later. Let’s revive it! The best way to get involved is to join our adult social sessions every Saturday at 12 midday. You can also contact us if you’re interested: The standard of play in Division 4 is intermediate +. If in doubt, give it a go!
Find out more about the Parks League here